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Six Concerns about Smart Electronic Parcel Lockers You Should Know

Six Concerns about Smart Electronic Parcel Lockers You Should Know

31 Aug, 2020

Electronic Parcel Lockers for E-commerce

1. What Is Electronic Parcel Lockers?

An electronic parcel locker is a multi-family community, retail, commercial and university campus package delivery and retrieval solution that provides safety, security and convenience. Smart Parcel lockers can accept deliveries from any Courier and packages sent from friends, family and online retailers.In addition, recipients don't need to worry about packages being stolen or misplaced, as electronic parcel lockers provide protection at the last mile of delivery.The package was secure until it was picked up from the parcel locker.

Parcel pick-up is quick and easy. After sending the notification, the recipient uses a unique delivery code to retrieve its package when it is most appropriate for its schedule.In addition, the mobile application on parcels can be used to manage and retrieve packages.The app sends a Courier notification, opens the lockers via Bluetooth or barcode scanning, and stores the package history.

Panzhong Intelligence provides various types of lockers.These include "click-and-collect" and refrigerated lockers to help keep items that are sensitive to temperature fresh for longer.These items include meals or meal kits, food, flowers, gifts, wine and prescription drugs without fear.Because these refrigerated parcel lockers keep temperature-sensitive items cool, recipients don't need to go home to prevent their packages from spooning.

Panzhong Electronic Parcel Lockers for E-commerce can be installed in metro stations and outdoor activities.Outdoor lockers are 100% weatherproof, withstanding elements.They can also be customized with special colors and packaging to match the aesthetics or branding of any property.

2. How Parcel Lockers Work?

Panzhong Smart Parcel Lockers are unique in that they use smart electronic technology to ensure packages are safe and secure. So how exactly does that work? The entire process is broken up into just three simple steps:

Step 1: Deliver the package. Any Courier can approach the parcel locker and enter the access code provided by the property manager. They select the recipient and place the package in a suitably sized locker.

Step 2: Notify the recipient. Once a package arrives, the recipient is immediately notified via text message, email or a mobile app.The recipient receives a unique code to pick up the package.

Step 3: The recipient collects the package. Residents walk up to the parcel locker kiosk, enter their access code or scan the QR code to open the related locker door and pick up the package.

3. What Is Buy ONLINE, Pick Up In Locker (BOPIL)

The retail business is changing and becoming more complex.  Retailers are facing changes in consumer demand, behavior and above all, technology and online shopping.  In fact, nearly 80% of consumers now shop online and 62% of them are making online purchases every week.

Panzhong Intelligence is a leading provider of Buy Online, Pick-up in Locker (BOPIL) designed to simplify the BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up in Store), BORIS (Return in Store) and click-and-collect processes.

The way it works is simple.Once an online retail order is completed -- be it groceries, clothing, electronics, cosmetics or other goods -- the items are placed in retail lockers located in the store.Customers are immediately notified by text message or email and given a unique digital code that they can type or scan at the kiosk.They can then go to a retail store and enter their PIN in a locker for a quick and easy pick-up at their convenience.

We offer refrigerated lockers to support the overwhelming growth of grocery click and collect orders and storage of perishable items such as foods, drinks, medicine, flowers, and meal kits. Additionally, our outdoor lockers allow for 24/7 pickup, which is an added convenience for customers.

With BOPIL, items ordered online can be placed in secure parcel lockers, allowing retail shoppers to pick them up at the most appropriate time.Lockers can be placed inside or outside the store, or customized according to the store logo and preferred colors.

4.  How Parcel Lockers Improve Package Delivery?

Couriers place packages into lockers themselves—so property managers don’t need to get involved. Package recipients are notified immediately when their packages are delivered, eliminating misplaced parcels or miscommunication. Property residents can pick up their packages whenever fits their schedule—even outside of management office hours.

5. How Do Electronic Parcel Lockers Prevent Package Theft?

Lockers can only be opened by authorized personnel.This includes couriers, property managers and parcel recipients.

The package recipient is sent a special locker access code.When a package arrives, the recipient is automatically notified and sent a unique access code that is valid only for them.

The lockers are accessible 24/7.Most package thefts occur when the recipient is at work or away from home, but it's not an issue with parcel lockers.The packages are safely stored in lockers until the recipient picks them up at the best time for them.

6. What Benefits of Parcel Lockers Every Retailer Should Know?

There are many reasons why customers choose to use electronic intelligent parcel lockers, but the main attraction is that they are more convenient and cheaper than home delivery.Customers want to use these click-and-collect solutions not only as a last-mile delivery option, but also as a way to handle returns. In order to gain a competitive advantage and provide customers with the best shopping experience, here are five ways parcel lockers can work for you:

A. Provide a free, convenient delivery and returns process.

B. Place parcel lockers inside or outside of your store.

C. Customize your parcel lockers with your brand and a configuration that works for you.

D. Reduce shipping costs.

E. robust reports to determine return on investment.


Panzhong Smart Electronic Parcel lockers appeal to all types of customers. From the perspective of the younger generation, families and retired couples, these shoppers do not just shop for convenience.They use parcel lockers because they are the fastest and cheapest way to deliver goods, especially for those who do not receive delivery from home. Therefore, now is the good time to stay ahead of the competition and take full advantage of the package locker to improve the customer experience.

Contact us right now, more solutions about electronic parcel lockers are providing to meet all you needs.

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